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Natural Parks Network of the Diputació

Also we have made jointly with the technicians of popularization and communication the book of styles of the diverse cartographic products and we are in charge of making the maps of the brochures of itineraries, rollers and other publications. Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

A transversal project

To illustrate what we think is the realization of a transversal project, we exemplify the realization of the press promotion “Guides of Natural Parks of the Valencian Community” edited by the newspaper Levante in 2010. It is a collection of 20 Booklets of 64 pages and format 14 x 15.5 cm. Where each issue deals […]

Literary journey with GradualMap

Guards of books, fiction books, novels, murders, itineraries … GradualMap has participated in many literary projects that have needed cartography. We leave here a small sample. Click on the cover and one of the maps published in the book will open.    

25 years of the Barcelona Olympic Games

You are right. 25 years ago! And we were the suppliers of official cartography working with Plaza & Janés and the people of COOB, the Organizing Committee of the Barcelona Olympics. The Official Guide, the Official Map, the Guide to the Paralympic Games and other cartographic products came out of our office. An intense and […]

GradualMap, Turisme de Barcelona supplier

GradualMap, is the mapping provider of the Consorci Turisme de Barcelona, responsible for the tourist promotion of the Catalan capital. Among the different products produced, we can highlight the Official Guide, the Official Map, the Tourist Bus plane, the Shopping Line map.    

Atles. El camí cap a la independència

The publisher Ara Llibres has published Atles. El camí cap a la independència, with cartography realized by GradualMap. This is a visual work that goes over the sovereignty process, explains the past and the future of Catalonia and addresses the right of self-determination through 63 sheets that review the milestones that the country has overcome […]

Guide Repsol 2017

We already have the cartography 1: 300,000 ready and the city plans of the Guide Repsol, before Guia Campsa. Do you know that 11 years ago we take care of the Girona colleagues of Nexus Geografics for this product? Do you know that we do it from TomTom cartography?